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Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well 📷
everything in my photography tags belongs to me
please don't repost my work

If anyone ever wants to use my photography for art references or anything similar please feel free! Just credit me for the original photo, and I'd always love to see any projects ♥

I also reblog things I'm interested in and love seeing and sharing any kind of art on here 🖤

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idk if I've mentioned this before but my photos can always be used for art references and things like that! I'd just like some kind of credit for the orginal photo but I'm very supportive of artists and creativity and I honestly LOVE the idea of anything I post inspiring anyone in any way

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@star-rice that's so nice! I know I would be super awkward asking about something like that so I wanted to just put it out there (and added a little thing to my bio) ^^ I always really enjoy looking at art studies people do and I just adore art in general so I'd love to see anything that is related to my photos that would just be SO cool tbh ♥

If you do decide to give it a go, I would love to see the results!

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Has anyone on here heard of or played Dark Cloud? It was my favorite game when I was a kid and I feel like no one else knows what it is lol.

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@bumblingbee @star-rice
That's amazing xD I love all the little cheesy parts of the game like that! Both games are on the PS4 and I just started the second one for the first time!

I've technically never finished it either because the final boss is incredibly difficult but I've looked it up the ending and there's really nothing extra after you beat that so I count it as a win lmao

I mean honestly it's super cheesy but I've played it like 5 times and it's SUPER nostalgic to me. Here's the wiki for it. It's a dungeon crawler/town decorating game and the story is pretty fun. It holds up alright but I was really young the first time I played it and it was something me and my brother bonded over a lot so I have a deep love for it ♥

@star-rice yeah my problem was really that I don't have any experience with it cause JJ always just sets it all up for me. I really do need to learn to do it myself though so I can fix things on his work days lol

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my job is going to be starting soon so i'm trying to cut off all association from my shop and instagram with tumblr, twitter, and here becuase i don't want to get in trouble for anything related to social media.

i don't really post anything bad here, but i think if i had a bad day this is where i would most likely vent, and my tumblr isn't really bad either but i don't want any association with that and my job anyhow. my instagram is the most public but i also really don't post anything personal there other than photography.

either way it's not like i'm going to be tagging them in posts and being like "i work here lmaooo" but just trying to get everything covered because their training thing pretty mentioned specifically you can be fired for your social media. like you're allowed to share photos of the park but they get to see where those photos are shared basically (but who actually tags their job in photos???)

idk it's probably me being over worried but still

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that's actually a really good point tbh. I think I'll probably go back to promoting my other social media on all my platforms but I might wait until I start working and see if there's any gossip floating around about anyone actually losing their job due to social media. I feel like they may have just included it for anyone dumb enough to make a post like "at work @job" on an account with photos like promoting violence or something. Or since we're not allowed to use our phones on the job they probably don't want you posting photos while wearing your uniform or something.

i think the only difference is that even if i don't mention my job by name, with it being an amusement park there are probably certain rides/attractions that would only be found there that would make it a little more obvious

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Hammerman, you make me dull

I'll be your candle on the water

I am, like, begging for you baby

Open the slits in your face and start your day

I saw a fire and thought of rain

@star-rice that is so darn cute :3

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I pay attention to whenever my followers reblog or like my posts. Every once in a while I go ahead and check their blogs. If they're posting content I don't get much on my dash (or even better, are creating their own, even if it's just chattering about their own lives) I'll go ahead and drop them a follow. - This just so happened to be the case when I followed you and seemingly seconds later you reblogged the follower ask meme! So I thought it was a pretty opportune time to chime in~

Oh that's so funny that you followed right before I posted the meme. I legit had thought we were mutuals already because I've followed you for a while xD

I started following you because your galaxy themed bird art is so gorgeous and then I just kept following for more art and reblogs :)