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Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well 📷
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If anyone ever wants to use my photography for art references or anything similar please feel free! Just credit me for the original photo, and I'd always love to see any projects ♥

I also reblog things I'm interested in and love seeing and sharing any kind of art on here 🖤

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take a seat

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Some landscape studies I found from way back. Hoping to do more in the future!

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Episode 1 - THE QUEEN AWAKENS (Sailor Moon Space)

(written by Jessieee)
Three years have passed since the Sailor Guardians last fought an enemy. The girls meet up in a cafe on a summer break and talk a lot. Makoto has finished college and is getting ready to start her own business - making cakes. Rei is still working in the shrine, and Ami is going to enter the medical university. She asks her friends if they're excited about their university too, to which Minako and Usagi reply in unison "Let's not talk about it now!". They are not excited to study and want to spend their summer break without the thoughts of anything but fun.
After a while, everyone heads home, and the screen shows clouds over Tokyo. A mysterious black crystal object descends from the sky, unseen to everyone.

When Usagi gets home, she struggles to fall asleep. The girl is haunted by the nightmares of her friends and loved ones, Sailor Guardians, dying over and over again by the hands of Galaxia or demons. She also sees a giant red heart-shaped crystal in her sleep, which is floating through space. At some point, it shatters, and Usagi wakes up.

As soon as the sun rises, she sleepily gets out of the bed and goes to Mamoru's house. As he greets her, surprised she is that early, she explains that she is afraid of losing him and her friends again. Mamoru reassures Usagi, tucks her in his bed, and sits beside her until she's peacefully asleep. He then leaves to work, leaving food for her on the bedside table.

While Usagi sleeps, Luna gathers the Inner Guardians (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus) in the Hikawa Shrine. Rei had a vision about the new enemy approaching the Earth, and Ami with the help of Artemis is trying to find its location on the computer. Luna messages Usagi by her communicator, but Usagi doesn't arrive for way too long. At first, the girls are joking about her always being late and oversleeping, but then Minako decides they should call her.

Usagi answers the communicator still in bed. When Luna explains the matter to her, Usagi almost starts crying. She pleads Sailor Guardians not to go on missions anymore and to leave it to someone else to handle. Luna and Rei are frustrated with Usagi's behavior, but also deeply worried about her. Meanwhile, Ami discovers that an unknown crystal with the dark energy in it has landed in Tokyo and is already in contact with humans. Luna yells in the communicator, asking Usagi if she's going to go or not, but Usagi just sobs. Her hand is shaking, so, she drops the communicator, and the signal disappears.

Minako stands up. She explains that Sailor Guardians have to interfere before people get hurt. She decides to go off and get to the crystal even without Sailor Moon, and the girls agree with her.

The location of the enemy turns out to be in front of Mamoru's house.

Usagi eats her late breakfast with no appetite. She keeps looking at her communicator and her brooch, remembering the times she fought back to back with Sailor Soldiers. She isn't ready to let go of that.

She hears the screams outside and looks out of the window.

The dark crystal object is in the center of the street, hitting people with red lightning.

Sailor Guardians are running to their destination. On their way, they transform into their Sailor forms.

Usagi stares blankly at the street as the crystal turns around, shooting the lightning bolts. One of them is headed towards Mamoru's window, but it does not hit Usagi. At the last moment, the rose hits the top of the crystal and it stops turning.

Tuxedo Mask is standing on the nearest lamp post.

Tuxedo Mask: How dare you hurt innocent citizens on this lovely day! Whatever you are, there's no forgiveness for this! You will be stopped, enemy!

Usagi looks at him, then at her brooch.

The rose on top of the crystal begins to dry. All of its petals fall one by one until it dries completely. The crystal fires another lightning bolt towards Tuxedo, but he jumps away from it.

Usagi clutches her brooch.

The crystal starts turning faster and fires several lightning bolts. Tuxedo Mask throws several roses at it, but all of them dry out before even reaching the crystal. Lightning bolts fly in Tuxedo's direction, but at the last moment, he is saved by the Moon Tiara.

Sailor Guardians arrive just in time to see a familiar silhouette standing on the balcony.

(art by @levierina ())

Sailor Moon: Stop right there! You will not spread your evil powers any further! No one else will get hurt because of you! I am the pretty guardian of love and justice, Sailor Moon! I won't let you hurt my planet, I won't let you hurt my friends! In the name of the Moon, I will destroy you!

Sailor Venus: And we are...

All together: ...the Sailor Guardians!

Sailor Jupiter: You won't escape us!

Sailor Mercury: Girls... This thing isn't alive, it can't hear us!

Sailor Jupiter: What is it doing here?

Sailor Mercury: It's gathering energy from all living things!

The crystal shoots a lightning bolt at Sailor Moon, so she has to jump to the ground. Tuxedo Mask reaches for her. She raises her arm to attack, but then stops and gasps - she can't summon her magic wand anymore!

Sailor Mars fires an attack on the crystal, but it immediately gets absorbed. Sailor Moon jumps away from another lightning and falls on the ground, clutching her brooch at the center of her chest.

Sailor Moon: I can't do it... My powers, they're not the same anymore…

Sailor Moon breathes heavily, clutching her brooch even harder. A picture of her having fun in the cafe with the girls yesterday passes through her head.

Sailor Moon: Everything was perfect just a day ago. And now, our future is…

Tears fill her eyes. The brooch starts to glow in her hand.

Sailor Moon: No! I can't let this be!

She closes her eyes, then, a second later, opens them readily.

Sailor Moon: I can do it! For the sake of the people I love! I'm going to save everyone!

Her tiara lights up. It flies up from her head, transforms into the Neo-Queen Serenity tiara, and lands back on her hair. As the crystals inside the tiara are shining, Sailor Moon starts to transform into her new form called Celestial Sailor Moon. Her brooch turns into a giant star with a crescent moon on top of it, her sailor skirt turns deep blue with a pink-blue gradient on the bottom. On her back, there is a long white bow of flowing fabric, and behind her shoulders, there are wings made of the same fabric, just like the ones of a Neo-Queen Serenity's dress. A new, white, long magic staff appears in her hand, with Silver Crystal inside the golden crescent moon on top of it.

Sailor Venus throws her chain around the crystal to stop it from spinning, and Sailor Mercury uses her attacks to cloud the crystal and freeze it. Sailor Moon in her new celestial form lands on the ground.

(art by Jessieee)

Artemis: It can't be...

Luna: Neo-Queen Serenity... The Queen awakens!

Sailor Moon raises her staff. Glowing energy beams start to flow into the crystal. She lowers the staff and points the crescent beam on the enemy.

Sailor Moon: Royal Moonlight Everlasting!

A white energy beam fires from the staff and turns the crystal to dust. Sailor Moon puts the staff down, and it disappears. She lets out a sigh of relief.

Sailor Guardians run over to Sailor Moon and hug her. Luna tells Sailor Moon how proud she is of her. Luna and Artemis were worried about her awakening as Neo-Queen Serenity, but now when this happened, Luna is sure that the future of the planet is bright.

Sailor Moon: Yes, because I am here to protect it!

Sailor Jupiter: And you are not alone!

Tuxedo Mask: We will always be by your side.

As the Sailor Guardians walk away from the crystal, they talk to each other and smile.

As it gets darker, the city lights start to shine. Above the Earth, in the starry sky, there is a dark figure of a woman with red hair in a red outfit. She speaks in a low voice.

???: Earth. A wonderful planet filled with energetic living things. Well... Not for long!


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it's time to go

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hollow shell of everything

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Redesigned an old old oc of mine to be more dragon like lol

It's what she deserves

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lina -

Getterön - 20.08.08

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I think sheep are the most fun to paint

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Another cityscape! :)

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Aughost Day 3, Lure

Happy little ghost, fishing away.

Its lucifer the cat!

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more mushrooms :0

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all I draw are jellyfish

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lina -

Getterön - 20.08.07

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two of them

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You arent a photographer until youve taken at least 1 photo of Junk

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pokemon ghostober 2020 day 5 // gengar

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pokemon ghostober 2020 day 6 // cursola

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pokemon ghostober 2020 day 7 // drifloon