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Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well πŸ“·
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phantomflame03 asked:

Titan: If you could die your hair absolutely any color and pull it off, what would it be?

I would love pink hair! I've tried it a couple times but the bleach always makes it too yellow and then the pink is never dark enough to cover the yellowish hair from the bleach?? Idk I'm sure there's something I could do to fix it because I know other people with naturally dark hair that can go pink but I'm at a loss lol

phantomflame03 asked:

Venus: Go to piece of clothing/outfit?

My favorite clothing item right now is a hoodie my husband bought me for christmas last year! It's got the magical items from Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Madoka Magica, and Revolutionary Girl Utena which are all some of my favorite animes and it says "Magic Girl Squad" on it lmao. It's also super special because most of the time he just has me pick something out that I like but last year I wanted him to pick something out for me based on my interests and it's literally perfect β™₯

phantomflame03 asked:

I was wondering what your favorite food anime are (anime about food/cooking). Maybe top 5?

so these aren't in any specific order but they're shows that focus on cooking that I love and honestly I've learned a bit about cooking from them as well

  • Today's Menu for Emiya Family (it's a spin-off of one of the Fate/Stay Night animes)

  • Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

  • Japanese Food From Another World

  • Restaurant From Another World

  • Polar Bear Cafe (It's technically not super about food/cooking but it's adorable and it's about a cafe so it kiiinda counts?)

There are a few that are like exclusively about cooking that are okaaay but I don't really feel much connection to the characters and I just have a compulsion to watch it for screenshots/to finish the series but I legitimately love the 5 that I mentioned and I watched a couple of them through twice c:

phantomflame03 asked:

Happy birthday!!!

Thank you!! ^^

phantomflame03 asked:

🐢 who do you hope your starting villagers are?

When I started New Leaf Gayle was one of my starting villagers and I immediately loved her, and would love to see her again β™₯ I'd also love Fauna or any of the other deer villagers

phantomflame03 asked:

You give pleasant dream vibes

oh that's so nice!! I like the idea of pleasant dream vibes :3

phantomflame03 asked:

Peony: What do you daydream about?

My life is a constant daydream tbh. I usually think about whatever show or book I've been into recently, but if I'm being honest, Harry Potter has been a focus of my daydreams for like 17 years now too. I love imagining magic and the creatures from that world.

phantomflame03 asked:

Laura for the ask meme

Last Goodbye - Clean BanditA Smile and a Ribbon - Patience and Prudcence Umbrella Beach - Owl CityRapunzel - Let's Eat GrandmaArtangels - GrimesSend me an ask with your name and I’ll give you a short playlist with songs that correspond to each letter!

phantomflame03 asked:

Minnesota nice

Minnesota Nice – Are others’ first impression of you generally accurate? I hope so. I try to be genuine with people all the time.