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Red-knobbed coot Fulica cristata

© Ralf Roletschek, GNU 1.2

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Red-gartered coot Fulica armillata

© DickDaniels, CC 4.0

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Giant wood rail Aramides ypecaha

© Lip Kee Yap, CC 2.0

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Little wood rail Aramides mangle

© Dario Sanches, CC 2.0

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Isabelline waterhen Amaurornis isabellina

© Ariefrahman, CC 3.0

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Brown crake Amaurornis akool

© J. M. Garg, GNU 1.2

Pueblo Zoo 6/22/2018

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 8/7/2019

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Trumpeter hornbill Bycanistes bucinator

© Francesco Veronesi, CC 2.0

stararts reblogged star-rice

Just wanted to show off me playing with the new markers. Lowkey testing methods for coloring skitter.

Look at this marker haul jfc. I don’t even think that’s all of them.


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