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Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well πŸ“·
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witchesflower asked:

The Moon: Favorite quote?

I've always really liked that Dr. Seuss quote:

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

I've always kinda been the 'weird kid' and this quote always kinda makes me smile because the most important people in my life love me for who I am ^^

phantomflame03 asked:

Titan: If you could die your hair absolutely any color and pull it off, what would it be?

I would love pink hair! I've tried it a couple times but the bleach always makes it too yellow and then the pink is never dark enough to cover the yellowish hair from the bleach?? Idk I'm sure there's something I could do to fix it because I know other people with naturally dark hair that can go pink but I'm at a loss lol

phantomflame03 asked:

I was wondering what your favorite food anime are (anime about food/cooking). Maybe top 5?

so these aren't in any specific order but they're shows that focus on cooking that I love and honestly I've learned a bit about cooking from them as well

  • Today's Menu for Emiya Family (it's a spin-off of one of the Fate/Stay Night animes)

  • Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

  • Japanese Food From Another World

  • Restaurant From Another World

  • Polar Bear Cafe (It's technically not super about food/cooking but it's adorable and it's about a cafe so it kiiinda counts?)

There are a few that are like exclusively about cooking that are okaaay but I don't really feel much connection to the characters and I just have a compulsion to watch it for screenshots/to finish the series but I legitimately love the 5 that I mentioned and I watched a couple of them through twice c:

An Anonymous user asked:

i've been looking at your photography and theres something so eerily liminal about a lot of it. like it's weirdly empty, yet so familiar.

Aahh! I love this message! That's kind of a vibe I go for a lot of the time. I'm really uncomfortable having people in my photos also. Knowing I want to put my photos on social media, it just feels wrong to ever accidentally include anyone that wouldn't have knowledge or consent to be online. And I go out of my way to crop some photos to remove people, even if it ends up making the original focus of the picture kinda werid (I have some "badly cropped" carousel pics especially because I didn't realize there were people around when I took them)

I love that you described them as liminal though because I have a deep fascination with liminal spaces and I find a lot of comfort in things that are traditinally mentioned in posts about liminal spaces β™₯β™₯β™₯

zylphide asked:

Titan: If you could die your hair absolutely any color and pull it off, what would it be?

I've dyed it purple a few times, and I always really liked it a lot when I did, but I'd love to be able to get it a really bright purple without having to bleach it first! If I still had long hair, I'd like to do purple faded into blue :3

mcatnip asked:

Earth, Neptune, Sun?

Earth: What’s your ideal house/home?
something with 3 bedrooms, because having separate spaces is really working out for us. and something with a big yard and ideally no close neighbors. honestly it'd be really cool to live in something like a hobbit hole with a little door on the side of a hill β™₯

Neptune: What’s an album that you can listen through entirely w/o skipping song?
Love Is Dead by CHVRCHES is a fantastic album and I could listen to the whole thing at once easily

The Sun: What motivates you?
lack of motivation is one of my biggest flaws unfortunately :/ usually just knowing that if i clean up the house or do something positive, it's going to make my husband happy. and i like to see him smile and tell me he's proud :)

komaron asked:

Kepler-22b: If you could go anywhere, where would it be/why?

I would LOVE to go to London someday β™₯ I've read a lot of historical fiction and regular fiction that takes place in and around London and I'd love to see some of the places my favorite characters have seen.

I've also been really into the history of Anne Boleyn since I watched "The Other Boleyn Girl" at an impressionable age and I want to feel some kind of connection to her

witchesflower asked:

Hexafluoroacetone and Pentaborane!

Hexafluoroacetone: What do you want to be when you grow up?
honestly i don't really have any ideal career goals but while i don't want to be alone i do want to have the ability to support myself without anyone's help someday

Pentaborane: What is one habit of yours that no one knows about?
i literally cannot sleep at night unless i make up some situation in my head involving some fictional characters i've had an obsession with and putting them into a situation where they're going to sleep. it's been like that for as long as i can remember and if i'm really stressed or uncomfortable i can't sleep because i can't focus on making my imagination sleep lol

thedarklordgivenofucks asked:


Acetaldehyde: What did you used to have that you are happier without?
so idk if you know of the website gaiaonline? well i joined it somewhere around the age of 12-13 and I was OBSESSED with it. major hyperfixation and special interest. every day i would spend hours on there trying to get gold, talking to people in forums, getting into "relationships" that never should have been part of my life. just a huge part of my developmental years were controled by that website and the people i met and interacted with on there. when i graduated and moved away from home at around 19 i really stopped using it as often and a lot had changed about the website and the in-game currency and i eventually just abandoned it completely. i checked it out again a couple months ago and just couldn't bring myself to go back. it's just too different and all my old friends are gone :c

i do miss certain parts of it, and quitting it definitely hurt my art skills a lot, but overall leaving was the best thing for me. it was affecting my life pretty significantly because i always wanted to be in the forums making gold instead of whatever was happening irl.

intrepid-inkweaver asked:

L, M and S for the alphabet ask meme :)

L. Like: What are three things you like doing?
holding my cat like he's a baby
i'm getting kinda into magic the gathering and that's definitely fun

M. Making: When was the last time you crafted something?
oh back in january-ish before we moved i started trying to make a little faux fur fox tail out of acrylic yarn and i got like half-way through but stopped because i haven't figured out the best way to work with the top of the tail where it would connect to a key-chain or whatever. it always just looks like a mess of yarn and i'm totally stumped

S. Sea: Do you like the beaches or the mountains?
i really do love the mountains, but i think i'd have to pick beaches. i have a lot of nostalgia with some specific beaches and i could happily live on them for the rest of my life. if it's an ocean beach though i might have to pick mountains because the ocean kind of terrifies me lol

resonant-steamed-alchemy asked:


Dog Teeth by Nicole Dollanganger

It was the first song of hers that I heard back when she had only been putting music out for like a year and I just loved it SO MUCH and she's still probably my favorite musician. Last year I saw her in concert in Denver and she played it live which was incredibly unexpected and I cried a little bit lol but I still have the recording of the song and I listen to it from time to time

fungus asked:


Fineshrine by Purity Ring

it was the first song of theirs I heard and I immediately loved it so much. It opened the door to exploring their other songs as well as the dance/electronic genere in general. Up until then my mp3 players always just had songs I'd gotten from my parents computers or mix cds from friends of stuff that was just on local radio. Realizing how much I loved their songs really made me want to figure out other music I liked that wasn't exactly mainstream

flowerfemme asked:

13. What do you listen to while working on something? What helps you concentrate

13. What do you listen to while working on something? What helps you concentrate
if i actually have to concentrate i can't listen to anything because my brain will always focus on the music rather than whatever task i'm trying to acomplish, but if i'm just doing a casual hobby or playing games with music in the background i'll just play something like a CHVRCHES album, or older Grimes music

defect asked:

🏝️ for the animal crossing ask meme thing !

🏝️ do you have a name for your island yet?
Right now I'm planning on naming it Aeaea after the island Circe lived on in The Odessy. She was the goddess that turned his sailors into pigs and just lived on an island with a bunch of animals who had probably also been sailors at one point

lina asked:

assumption: you're actually a water nymph and is only pretending to be human to blend in here....

did i make it so obvious??

phantomflame03 asked:

🐢 who do you hope your starting villagers are?

When I started New Leaf Gayle was one of my starting villagers and I immediately loved her, and would love to see her again β™₯ I'd also love Fauna or any of the other deer villagers

babushka asked:

assumption: animals love you

this is kind of 50/50 because i also get really nervous when i meet dogs for the first time because i can be easily intimidated by them and i think they can tell, but almost every cat i've ever met has been super chill with me, even random strays (i've pet so many random stray cats). but most of the time when i actually start to pet an animal and talk to them they realize pretty quickly that I'm not gonna hurt them :)

once we had a squirrel that fell into a kiddy pool on our old porch and the poor thing was in such a panic so I put a towel in there to for it to climb out and it got out and just sat next to me on the porch banister while it calmed it's breathing and cleaned itself off and I like to think that squirrel knew i was only trying to help

goat-ish asked:

you playing the assumptions game? if so, do you like the rustic style? I kinda picture you that way

Oh man, so much. A lot of furniture in my grandparent's houses was rustic but not intentionally, it's just what they had from farm living. It's always really nostalgic feeling and comfortable and my ideal home would definitely have that log cabin kinda look and feel :3

coffeeandyarn asked:

assumption: you like horses? idk i just get that vibe from you

I love horses! I used to want one when I was a kid lol :D

awepossum asked:


🎑-Have you been to an amusement park or fair? What was your favorite thing there if you have?
i love going to amusement parks and fairs! when i was a kid i went to so many yearly little county fairs, and i went to the missouri state fair a couple times. i was also in 4-h and brought my show ducks to a couple fairs to be judged. i also always did that school thing where you got a free ticket to six flags for so many hours of reading so for like 6 years in a row i went to six flags st louis.
my favorite thing is always just the whole aesthetic honestly. i love how the rides look and all the colors and different booths set up specifically to catch your eye. i love the rides in amusement parks but i'm more wary of carnival rides after seeing some horrific videos. but i could just wander around and take in the looks and smells for hours

🧁-Favorite dessert?
cheese cake with cherries β™₯

crownedwithwisteria asked:


🐢-Favorite animal or animals?
tbh animals in general are a big special interest of mine and i'm just fascinated by every single one of them, buuut if i had to pick some of my top favorites would be cats, orcas, artic foxes, narwhals, and deer (white tail, and mule deer are my favorite deer species)

🌧️-Favorite weather?
answered here

πŸ›Œ-Are you an early bird or night owl? What's your favorite time of day or night?
i'm very much a night owl. sleeping is hard for me so i usually stay up too late and wake up too late to be able to fall asleep again at a normal time. my favorite time of the night is around 1-3 am when most people are completely asleep and there aren't really any outside sounds and you can just sit outside and not have to see a single person

goropancakechi asked:


🌎-If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Or, what's your favorite place you have visited?
answered here

πŸŽ„-Favorite holiday?
halloween! i'm really into the more elegant/gothic style decor that they've been making for the past few years, and all the goofy little pumpkin/ghost/skeleton knick knacks are just adorable. october is the month i'm happiest

princeofdoom asked:


πŸ’-Favorite flowers or plants?
my fave flowers are orchids

🌎-If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Or, what's your favorite place you have visited?
i've always wanted to go to alaska to go on a whale watching boat to see orcas and/or narwhals (though i don't know if any exist for narwhals specifically?)

🌧️-Favorite weather?
when it's a little gloomy out with a light drizzle and a little tunder but it's in the distance and getting fainter. ideally if you don't have anything to do and you can just relax and read or listen to music over the sound of the rain

πŸ•οΈ-Have you ever been camping?
i used to go camping every year when i was a kid but i haven't done it as an adult, though i would really like to. i'm kind of afraid of tents now though and i don't think i could feel safe in one again as an adult. i'd use a camper in a heartbeat though!

flowerfemme asked:

🧸-Do you still have stuffed animals/plushies? If so, which one is your favorite?

i have SO many plushies! most are packed up right now but when we move i want to display them on bookshelves and one of those stuffed animal nets you hang in a corner!

my favorite plush is this like 2 foot stuffed yellow lab that my aunt and great grandma bought me when i was like 5-7 ish? i named him rusty and i've still got him, though he's in pretty terrible shape now lol.

granger-deactivated-2020MarThu-200305120316-464 asked:

Hiya! Do you remember what your first PokΓ©mon game was?

Yellow! I don't remember exactly how I got it but I was somewhere around 8-10 when I started playing it and I've still never gotten to the elite four lmao. To this day I'm still bitter they don't include a walking pokemon companion in all of the games. I still have a special place in my heart for Yellow and it plus Silver & Gold are my favorites to play.