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Kayla | 27 | bisexual | nonbinary

Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well πŸ“·
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I also reblog things I'm interested in and love seeing and sharing any kind of art on here πŸ–€

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awepossum asked:


🎑-Have you been to an amusement park or fair? What was your favorite thing there if you have?
i love going to amusement parks and fairs! when i was a kid i went to so many yearly little county fairs, and i went to the missouri state fair a couple times. i was also in 4-h and brought my show ducks to a couple fairs to be judged. i also always did that school thing where you got a free ticket to six flags for so many hours of reading so for like 6 years in a row i went to six flags st louis.
my favorite thing is always just the whole aesthetic honestly. i love how the rides look and all the colors and different booths set up specifically to catch your eye. i love the rides in amusement parks but i'm more wary of carnival rides after seeing some horrific videos. but i could just wander around and take in the looks and smells for hours

🧁-Favorite dessert?
cheese cake with cherries β™₯

crownedwithwisteria asked:


🐢-Favorite animal or animals?
tbh animals in general are a big special interest of mine and i'm just fascinated by every single one of them, buuut if i had to pick some of my top favorites would be cats, orcas, artic foxes, narwhals, and deer (white tail, and mule deer are my favorite deer species)

🌧️-Favorite weather?
answered here

πŸ›Œ-Are you an early bird or night owl? What's your favorite time of day or night?
i'm very much a night owl. sleeping is hard for me so i usually stay up too late and wake up too late to be able to fall asleep again at a normal time. my favorite time of the night is around 1-3 am when most people are completely asleep and there aren't really any outside sounds and you can just sit outside and not have to see a single person

bede asked:


🌎-If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Or, what's your favorite place you have visited?
answered here

πŸŽ„-Favorite holiday?
halloween! i'm really into the more elegant/gothic style decor that they've been making for the past few years, and all the goofy little pumpkin/ghost/skeleton knick knacks are just adorable. october is the month i'm happiest

princeofdoom asked:


πŸ’-Favorite flowers or plants?
my fave flowers are orchids

🌎-If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Or, what's your favorite place you have visited?
i've always wanted to go to alaska to go on a whale watching boat to see orcas and/or narwhals (though i don't know if any exist for narwhals specifically?)

🌧️-Favorite weather?
when it's a little gloomy out with a light drizzle and a little tunder but it's in the distance and getting fainter. ideally if you don't have anything to do and you can just relax and read or listen to music over the sound of the rain

πŸ•οΈ-Have you ever been camping?
i used to go camping every year when i was a kid but i haven't done it as an adult, though i would really like to. i'm kind of afraid of tents now though and i don't think i could feel safe in one again as an adult. i'd use a camper in a heartbeat though!

flowerfemme asked:

🧸-Do you still have stuffed animals/plushies? If so, which one is your favorite?

i have SO many plushies! most are packed up right now but when we move i want to display them on bookshelves and one of those stuffed animal nets you hang in a corner!

my favorite plush is this like 2 foot stuffed yellow lab that my aunt and great grandma bought me when i was like 5-7 ish? i named him rusty and i've still got him, though he's in pretty terrible shape now lol.

lawliets asked:

Hiya! Do you remember what your first PokΓ©mon game was?

Yellow! I don't remember exactly how I got it but I was somewhere around 8-10 when I started playing it and I've still never gotten to the elite four lmao. To this day I'm still bitter they don't include a walking pokemon companion in all of the games. I still have a special place in my heart for Yellow and it plus Silver & Gold are my favorites to play.

An Anonymous user asked:

i dont know if its ok to comment about your last post but if so,, its very much not pathetic to just start learning abt crafts n stuff @ almst 30!!!!! any age is a good age to start learning something youre interested in and its never too late to start!!!!!

it's 100% ok to comment or send an ask about anything I post on here so no worries

and thank you for this message. i know deep down it's not pathetic and tbh if a friend in my age-range was trying to get into some kind of art project i would support them with the power of 1000 suns so it's just a block i've gotta work past

i've got a little sketchbook i drew in a few times last year and i think i might make myself do like a weekly doodle or something? just to become more familiar with letting myself create enjoyable things

lawliets asked:


πŸ“–-Any favorite books? Oooh boy do I enjoy reading :D Black Beauty is the first big book I can remember reading it's still one of my very very favorits. I also really adore the Harry Potter series (but fuck Rowling), Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, all of the Wizard of Oz books, The Hobbit, The BFG, Jurassic Park & The Lost World, and a handful of books from my early childhood that are nostalgic πŸ’œ I really read mostly young adult/childrens books, or classics. I love the Jurassic Park books though because while they're more adult themed they're not sexual at allll, and there's no weird forced romance because everyone is scared of dinosaurs lol

mathematics asked:


🐢-Favorite animal or animals? I really love killer whales and want to see one in the wild desperately before I die. I'm a really big fan of all animal life though and find them all fascinating

spy asked:


🌧️-Favorite weather? If I don't have any plans for the day, I adore a light rain storm that lasts for most of the day with just a little bit of thunder and lightning sprinkled in to keep it spicy

πŸ›Œ-Are you an early bird or night owl? What's your favorite time of day or night? 1000% a night owl. I love to stay up super late when no one else is awake and the whole house and neighborhood is quiet πŸ–€

πŸŽ₯-Any favorite movies? Jurassic Park has been one of my fave movies from early childhood lol. I also really love Spirited Away, Hercules, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Little Shop of Horrors, Kiki's Delivery Service, The Secret World of Arrietty, Anastasia, An American Tail, and sooo many others. Animated films especially make me sooo happy

An Anonymous user asked:

β˜• scifi

i do have a lot of favorite movies that are scifi but it's not really a favorite genre of mine. i'm trying to get more into it though because it's a huge category and there are a lot of interesting concepts. i just had a lot of weird scifi movie/show experiences when i was a kid that soured it a lot for me

wittywallflower asked:

β˜• dark chocolate

i adore dark chocolate! i would honestly rather have that than milk chocolate c:

An Anonymous user asked:

β˜•οΈ fav music?

Lately CHVRCHES has been my favorite πŸ–€

lavavhe asked:

β˜•οΈ thrift store pet peeves

so i worked at one for a while and one thing that really sucks is the customers yelling at the cashier about the price of the item because they can't do anything about that.

but if it's about shopping in them, sometimes the prices get kind of wild when you consider they run on donations. like i get that if something is name brand you can get a little more, but the store i used to work at once had jeans for $500 and there were several others for hundreds and it's like .. just let poor people have a chance to buy nice things too.

fungus asked:

β˜•οΈ film vs digital photography?

i'd have to say film because of the aesthetic and it's very nostalgic. when it comes to which one i use more though it's digital for sure πŸ“·

cottagefemme asked:

🧁-Favorite dessert?

coconut cream pie! β™₯

syrup asked:

I reaaaally like the photos you take, and I normally don't vibe with photography blogs but you have such a nice aesthetic. How long have you been taking photos and what got you started? ΰΈ…( Μ³β€’ Β·Μ« β€’ Μ³ΰΈ…)β™‘

That's so nice of you to say!! And I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy them. My ultimate goal in sharing photos is making people happy c:

my origin story is a little long so i'm putting it under a cut

Tbh I've been into cameras and photography from a really young age because my grandpa was a professional photographer and also one of my very favorite people. When I was like primary school age I would use his film cameras when we went to the zoo and I had a poloroid I was allowed to use for special occasions. Then when I was around 7-8 THIS baby came into my life:

(my actual camera)

And I sadly couldn't use it much but it still made me really excited about photography. A few years later I got a cheap digital camera for a birthday or something and used it constantly (unfortunately I've lost most of those photos), in high school I got a slightly better digital camera and used it to take pictures of all of my friends and school adventures.

I didn't really start getting into more artistic photography until after I graduated and started tumblr and got inspired by a lot of photographers on there. I mostly used my phone camera so you can tell the photos from my first smart phones aren't very good quality. Then last year my husband bought me a really nice dslr camera that you can change the lenses on and everything. Having that camera made me want to get even more into taking photos so I just started bringing it to any kind of event thing, and buying my phones based on how good the camera is.

Now it's jus my favorite thing to do! I love capturing little moments of beauty β™₯

fungus asked:

β˜•οΈ socks

I don't wear the cute print ones as much as I used to but I will always appreciate their ability to warm my toes. Truth be told, having bare feet is what makes me the most comfortable but in the summer time when I wear shorts more I like to wear cute and intentionally mismatched socks :3

gloatbee asked:

β˜•οΈ Tarot??

I actually have very little information about tarot but it seems fascinating! Tbh I get some problems with paranoia and I've always been wary about tarot reading because I think anything negative would really mess with my mental health even though I know it's not supposed to be like a set in stone kind of fortune telling.

wittywallflower asked:

β˜•οΈ greek mythology

Oh man when I was a kid I was obsessed with Greek Mythology, but I never learned too much outside of pretty basic books about various heros, gods and monsters. I still fondly remember a lot of the stories and think it's really interesting how they made all this lore that was so in depth that it's still wildly known today.

I'd love to get really into it again and learn even more but I'm not really sure where to pick up again. As a teen I wanted to take a mythology course in college but then I never did a traditional college thing, and I missed out on that. I need to find some books on the subject that aren't specifically targeted to children tbh and I bet they would have a lot more information.

nap asked:

sandalwood, lavender, balsam, tea tree?

sandalwood: do you prefer the woods or the beach? i love both but i would be happier at the beach than in woods

lavender: what always calms you down when you're stressed out? answered here

balsam: what does a perfect day look like to you? just hanging out with my husband all day. probably play some games or go to a park or thrift shop. just a relaxing time

tea tree: do you often remember your dreams? if so, what did you dream about last night? when i was a kid/teen i used to vividly remember my dreams and they were really weird sometimes but i haven't really remembered many in a long time. i definitely had a dream last night but i have no idea what happened in it :/

crownedwithwisteria asked:

lavender & peppermint!

lavender: what always calms you down when you're stressed out? i wish i knew lmao i'm terrible with stress relief. sometimes making tea and drinking it helps a little bit or doing calm things like baths or watching a cute show. but if i'm really stressed there's just nothing i can do until it calms down naturally or i fall asleep

peppermint: do you have a sweet tooth? too many sweet teeth! i just had cookies last night lol

gloatbee asked:

dreamy vibes :0

!!! I like this c:

soft-nomad asked:

your vibe description: fantasy

I like that a lot! Thank you!! :)

babushka asked:

fairy tale vibes?

Oh this is so kind and wonderful!!