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Kayla | 28 | bisexual | nonbinary

Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well πŸ“·
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I also reblog things I'm interested in and love seeing and sharing any kind of art on here πŸ–€

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An Anonymous user asked:

i've been looking at your photography and theres something so eerily liminal about a lot of it. like it's weirdly empty, yet so familiar.

Aahh! I love this message! That's kind of a vibe I go for a lot of the time. I'm really uncomfortable having people in my photos also. Knowing I want to put my photos on social media, it just feels wrong to ever accidentally include anyone that wouldn't have knowledge or consent to be online. And I go out of my way to crop some photos to remove people, even if it ends up making the original focus of the picture kinda werid (I have some "badly cropped" carousel pics especially because I didn't realize there were people around when I took them)

I love that you described them as liminal though because I have a deep fascination with liminal spaces and I find a lot of comfort in things that are traditinally mentioned in posts about liminal spaces β™₯β™₯β™₯

An Anonymous user asked:

you remind me of small twigs at the end of big branches near the sky. can't say why, but just vibes of things like twigs and single strands of cobweb...seem a very thoughtful person.

An Anonymous user asked:

Your work both gives me peace and inspires me.

An Anonymous user asked:

all of your photos have this cool summery energy that i think is really cool! its clear youve got an awesome style going and you seem sick af B)

An Anonymous user asked:

I enjoy all of your lovely pictures and I follow all of your blogs. Great content. And you have such nice energy. Like a picnic on a sunny day.

An Anonymous user asked:

you very much make me think of fae and playing out in the grass as a kid. like those are the vibes you give off

An Anonymous user asked:

Fun fact about my dog: he smells like cornchips a lot so my nickname for him used to be β€˜Stinky’ but at some point I kept adding extra nonsense words that rhyme so his current nickname is β€œStinkle Winkle the Dinkle Binkle.” Just thought you should know ^w^

That is amazing and I love people with silly nicknames for their pets! I call my cat basketball boy sometimes because he's orange and he used to be kinda fat and had a round little belly β™₯

Give your precious stinky boy so many snuggles for me 😊

An Anonymous user asked:

i dont know if its ok to comment about your last post but if so,, its very much not pathetic to just start learning abt crafts n stuff @ almst 30!!!!! any age is a good age to start learning something youre interested in and its never too late to start!!!!!

it's 100% ok to comment or send an ask about anything I post on here so no worries

and thank you for this message. i know deep down it's not pathetic and tbh if a friend in my age-range was trying to get into some kind of art project i would support them with the power of 1000 suns so it's just a block i've gotta work past

i've got a little sketchbook i drew in a few times last year and i think i might make myself do like a weekly doodle or something? just to become more familiar with letting myself create enjoyable things

An Anonymous user asked:

β˜• scifi

i do have a lot of favorite movies that are scifi but it's not really a favorite genre of mine. i'm trying to get more into it though because it's a huge category and there are a lot of interesting concepts. i just had a lot of weird scifi movie/show experiences when i was a kid that soured it a lot for me

An Anonymous user asked:

β˜•οΈ fav music?

Lately CHVRCHES has been my favorite πŸ–€

An Anonymous user asked:

i get 90's anime vibes from you :0

omg!! that makes me so incredibly happy you have no idea πŸ’™

An Anonymous user asked:

Heather & Lavender?

Heather: What trait do you value the most? Patience/understanding because I think they kind of go together. I can't stand people who lose their mind over someone being a little slow, or a restaurant taking too long to cook food. You literally never know what's going on outside your own life, and it's important to try to be patient with the people around you who have their own struggles

Lavender: Favorite scent? grass right after it gets mowed. It reminds me of home

An Anonymous user asked:

If you're still doing the playlists for a name thing, could I get one for the name Safe ? (γ€ƒοΏ£Ο‰οΏ£γ€ƒγ‚ž

Summertime Sadness - Lana Del ReyAddicted - Simple PlanFlesh Without Blood - GrimesEverything is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack

An Anonymous user asked:

Followed for lovely pictures! Your photography is wonderful and I love it!

This is so nice oh goodness :) Thank you so much for the compliment! This is gonna make me feel happy all day β™₯

An Anonymous user asked:

birthdy? hapy birth congrats!

Yep I'm 27 today! Thanks :)

An Anonymous user asked:

have u considered self-employment/starting up ur own business @ home?

Tbh if we move to California (which is very likely at this point) we're going to be going in with our roommate and his mom to flip houses out there and his mom does interior design which I would LOVE to help her with. But I don't really know what I would do right now. I don't have many skills and I can't drive lol.

I did apply for a cashier position at the aquarium though and I think I could probably enjoy that! Seeing fish every day would certainly make things a bit happier for me c:

Thank you for your message anon. I'll start looking into what kind of things I can do from home

An Anonymous user asked:

it sounds like the best option for your wellbeing is cali. you sound like you'll be miserable in missouri. also, having help getting settled in cali is a huge advantage

Man I really feel this. At the same time we've been married almost a decade and it would be pretty shitty to leave someone because I want to go live with my roommate in California instead, ya know? Like I just want to put my want to move into him and get him pumped up to move too.

An Anonymous user asked:

have u seen shoujo kageki revue starlight yet?

I haven't but it looks really cute! Thanks for the suggestion!