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naiad(she/her or they/them)
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yeah i guess we should replace "self-love" with "treat yourself like a fucking human being for once" because liek. no one knows what love is. but human rights are, like, a written and universally accepted thing and everyone is crazy about them nowadays?? like even if you hate a person you wouldn't necessarily feel a strong need to violently harm them or fill their inbox with anon hate every single day simply because??? 1) that's a human person and 2) their suffering doesn't really contribute directly to whatever point you're trying to prove?? anyway if you see any other people as humans you can try to see yourself as one (because you ARE one) and like... what else do you need from yourself... like basic human decency... when you realise you're human you can go further from there but like... that's up to your therapist and your journey i guess..

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