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Hello I have gotten myself into an incredibly stupid situation. A stray kitten that’s been hanging around bit me on the arm today and I’m extremely worried about rabies. Unfortunately the human shot for it is extremely expensive and the health dept is flooded with covid cases and doesn’t know when they can get to me, even if we can afford the shots.

I have two other options. Call animal control so we can figure out how to get the kitten tested (which it wouldn’t survive) or they can do a blood test to test for antibodies to see if the kitten has had a rabies vaccine recently (strong possibility because it has an ear notch and it’s young) The blood test is $300.

I can technically wait and see if the kitten shows signs but by the time it does, if it does, it could already be fatal to me.

This whole thing was just a huge mistake on my part and I really don’t want a kitten to have to die because of me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve never felt more sick and nervous in my life.

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iirc if the hospital you're going to is a nonprofit, they usually have a charity care/financial aide policy you can apply to and something something something they have to dismiss your bills based on your income? For example, for hopsital nearby I just searched "name of hospital charity care" and it pulled up their financial aid instructions and, by their standards, if you make less than 200% more than the federal poverty line they'll forgive all of your medical expenses.

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Update: I'm just going to go ahead and get the rabies shot as a precaution but I called a vet, the health dept, and the conservation dept and they all said it's probably totally fine. I just don't want to be wrong. Getting the tetanus shot tomorrow as well.

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