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honestly i wildly underestimated how lonely it was going to be without Cat around. we still have the dogs and Leela (another cat) but none of them are loving in the same was he was. he was like a toddler that needed constant love and validation and i had that around me for 10 years straight. the dogs are too big to cradle like babies and Leela absolutely does not want to be held and snuggled but Cat would settle into my chest and fall asleep while we watched a movie and even when he wasn't being held, he would be close enough to casually pet and now i'm just missing this tiny part of myself and i do not want a replacement pet but i also just wish he could have continued life happy and healthy for another few decades.

a friend suggested one of those squishmallow toys to hold and pet and i think I'm gonna get the orange cat version 🧡 i miss my boy so much.

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