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naiad(she/her or they/them)
naiad(she/her or they/them)
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i've been collecting my scrap yarn and bits from what i cut off and i'm using the tiny bits for stuffing in toys i'm going to practice with soon and i'm using longer bits that aren't project length to do like a patchwork type blanket thing. i'm kind of doing the blanket with no tutorial though so i'm not sure how it's gonna turn out and it's also going to be a very long project to finish since i'm only doing it when i have enough scrap yarn and i try to use up my yarn as much as possible on donation hats



I haven't donated any yet because I'm just trying to get a big amount in different sizes and then donate them when fall starts. But I'm trying to get ahold of a foster care place to donate the hats to foster children but I've only found a few places that just take handmade blankets. If I can't' find a foster group I'm just going to donate to a children's hospital that has children up to 18 because the older teens could for sure use the adult size hats.

Either way I want to help kids and teens and it'll just come down to who's taking donations when I get everything ready to go. I know covid might delay donation taking too but I'm willing to hold onto them as long as I need to ^^

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where do you donate your hats?

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