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naiad(she/her or they/them)
naiad(she/her or they/them)
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So I deleted my wishlist post. If anyone would like to get me something for my birthday, Pearl has a vet appointment tomorrow because she coughed up some body mucus last night. I'd appreciate some ko-fi tips if anyone is willing or able.

I'm not sure on the exact pricing of the vet yet. I know she'll need an exam and probably chest x-rays. But she also has a really weird lump that didn't go away like her other lumps and they might want to do a biopsy of that too.

I know I'm a major hypochondriac but surprise cancer is kind of a big thing in my family and I'm incredibly worried that that's what's infiltrated her lungs.

As soon as I get the vet paperwork and receipts I might make a GoFundMe depending on how much it ends up costing. We can borrow some money from family but gotta pay it back.



You're so sweet! Her appointment was yesterday and so far things seem ookay? There's a chance that she just wasn't on antibiotics for long enough last time and that's why the cough came back so much stronger. So she's on a different kind that's stronger and they're basically treating her for pneumonia but while she was with the doctor she coughed up some blood so if things don't improve by Friday we're gonna have to get x-rays done and they'll be checking for chest masses so any thoughts / good vibes would be appreciated tbh

She also had a lump on her chest I was worried about but it ended up being like a hotspot that got inflamed or something? and they took care of that and said there's probably no chance it's related to the cough and idk but she's taken 3 pills of the antibiotics so far and seeeeems to be doing better? So we'll see how this round does and then if she goes down hill again we'll go from there. But I really, really hope she just gets better and stays better long term ♥

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oh nooo i hope it's nothing bad ;; will def keep an eye out for your gofundme

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