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I think the thing that hurts me the most about my cat is that we just had a really really special bond. I don't want children but I have a really strong maternal instinct and he was simply a baby for his whole life. I could cradle him in my arms and he would just fall asleep. He loved to nap with me and was just constantly wanting to be held and cuddled. It was like he was an infant for the 10 years that he was mine and I adored every second of it.

And I love the other pets. They're all such good girls. But none of them want to be babies. Tank is kind of snuggly but she's 100 pounds so I can't just lift and hold her. Pearl doesn't like to be touched except on a rare occasion but she doesn't want snuggles at all. And Leela will let me hold her for like a single minute before she starts trying to play and chew on me.

I feel like this specific part of my heart has been ripped out now that he's gone and there's literally nothing I can use to fill it again.

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