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i don't get the same thrill i used to from social media and notes which i guess is healthy but i'm making an effort to check in on some of my sites when i can. just know that i physically and mentally am feeling better than i have in a really long time, my job is opening again soon so i can work on paying off some hospital bills and hopefully have enough to buy some art, and i am eagerly awaiting the time when i can start going out to take pics again ♥ i have a handful of film rolls and disposable cameras that i can not wait to use asap

sorry if it feels like i'm absent a lot but i do want to continue to post and share on here as often as i can, i just finally feel like i have things in my life that are worth ignoring my computer for and that's a really new feeling for me (plus wf is still kinda poopy to use on mobile lol and if i'm being honest the will to post things dropped significantly when drafts stopped working and now it's more effort lol)

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