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naiad(she/her or they/them)
naiad(she/her or they/them)
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I've been looking into developing film at home and it seems like more work than I'm willing to do but I was talking to JJ about it and apparently he's always wanted to learn how to develop film???? He just doesn't actually enjoy taking photos. But he's fascinated by the chemicals and the process and wants to learn how to get the photos onto the paper like they do in old movies/shows where they hang up the wet paper from the ceiling. So we're going to work on getting a dark room set up in the basement and teaching him how to develop photos so that eventually he can just develop all the photos I take from home. And we'll just be a little photo team where neither of us really has any interest in doing the job of the other but are both super passionate about our own parts in it lmao



Yes! Honestly being creative with other people is always so much fun ♥
And I'm just really excited to try it out. Like I was reading about developing and honestly it just seems like more than I personally want to do right now (might have to change things if photo labs close lol). And I mentioned that when I start working again I think I'm going to buy a film scanner just to make film processing slightly cheaper but that I don't want to develop the film and he was just like "Oh I've always wanted to learn how to do that" and I guess he never brought it up because he assumed I'd rather just have it professionally done lol

So we're going to work on building a basement darkroom and watching some vids and then buy some cheap film and take nonsense photos to practice with. It'll probably be something that doesn't actually happen for a while but I'm VERY excited to get things in motion :D

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Oh my god that sounds like a dream situation. Everytime I can partner creatively with somebody in this sort of symbiotic way has always been super enjoyable, even if it doesn't last forever. So good luck to yall! I hope y'all have fun with it~

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