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I feel like art would be easier if I had a set "style" instead of just doing my best to copy screenshots and stuff? But honestly I have zero idea what I would want my style to even look like?? I see so many different kinds of art and every single one of them is soo cool and how do you just pick something???

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when i started drawing i mostly copied lion king screenshots and warrior cats mangas and stuff, and the more I explored the more I found stuff that I enjoyed doing!! My art has changed... a Ton... over the years and it's a journey really. But my style's finally leveled out in recent years and I'm very happy with it. Not a quick fix so really it's just a matter of practicing and exploring to figure out what your style is!

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im late to this convo but agree with everyone. and like look at me. i dont have a set style and i like that way. i like playing around with various styles. i think depending on your goals, the most important thing is just learning and less style. style comes after. i treat art like a science, lots of experiments and observation.

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honestly it's like highkey impossible to really have a set style when you're first starting out, and it's always a continuing process. some people tell me that i have a style and i go "oh shit really??"

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oh god, same! I don't draw at all because I feel like I need to have a style. and not just any style, but my own!
how do I have a style of my own when there are so many out there???

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I spent a lot of time trying to get a certain style in my art, and I watched a ton of art youtuber videos about getting your own style, and really, the thing most everyone said was that the only thing that really develops a style is time. You just have to keep drawing, and as you go, you find ways of doing things that you like, and you keep them. Sometimes, you can adapt other people's styles into what you want. Another thing that people often pointed out was that always drawing in one style isn't a good thing as an artist--that it's better to have multiple styles so you can stay diverse. Aaaaaannnnd knowing all this, I still wish I could draw consistent cartoons.

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and its also worth noting that a lot of styles arent forced but rather you eventually like the way a piece you made turned out for once and try to like.. copy yourself. do that enough times and bam. apparently youve created a style, because youll have grown more comfortable with that process/style after doing it repeatedly. doesnt mean you cant still try other styles whenever you want!!

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you dont have to fully settle down into one!! some artists keep the range, and simply do whatever style they feel best fits the piece they want to make. having a singular noticeable style is only useful in the sense that its easier to market your work and get "known" for that style so when ppl see your work they know that its yours and know that if they were to follow you/buy from you they know exactly the kinda content theyll receive. outside of that? when youre doing art for yourself? go nuts!! dont let a style stunt you. do whatever you want i n every piece you do!

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people often combine many styles that they like. c: It's just trial and error and see what works for you. Some artists' style is even different from what they actually prefer to look at, because they can just work better with their own developed style.

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