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phantomflame03 asked:

I: Internal: Tell us 5 things you like about yourself

  1. I really like how many people have told me little comments about something I saw making their day better in some way. I guess I'm good at encouraging people and that makes me really happy c:
  2. I'm really glad that I'm into such a wide variety of art and styles. Like I've been around people who will see artistic things and just think they're creepy or weird or uncomfortable and I definitely get that way with some stuff but also some art is supposed to make you feel like that? And that goes for fashion too. I'd probably never wear a lot of runway styles but I LOVE how a lot of it looks and it's wild to me when people just talk about how uncomfortable it would be without acknowledging that it's not supposed to be worn to the park, it's an art piece.
  3. I love that I've started knitting and have stuck with it! I usually drop hobbies pretty quickly so finding something that's just very me has been a wonderful thing! I definitely have wayy too much yarn right now xD
  4. I like that reading has always been a hobby of mine. Seeing that all of my siblings really aren't a big fan of books has made me realize how much I could have missed out on if I only watched shows/movies.
  5. I like how much I love animals! I literally would not say that any type of animal is "bad" or "ugly" no matter what they are and I just love every single one of them for how unique they are. I'm not a fan of mosquitos but I think they're fascinating and that goes for all the "pest" animals. They all have their niche and they're just doing their best

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