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My mom has never really bothered to try to keep up with my current interests, or if she knows about them she ignores them if it's stuff she doesn't care for. So now she's trying to be more in my life lately and she keeps sending me deals and stuff relating to The Nightmare Before Christmas which I liked when I was like 13-15. And it's not that I dislike it now but it was also never something that was ever at a special interest level.

And I can be understanding in that it's obviously harder for her to keep up with my interests since I've moved out (though I do post about them a lot on ig and I know she sees my stories on there lol) but like there was a LOT of stuff that I was very obsessed with in childhood that I know she has to see as often as she does NBC. I've been SO into Pokemon since age 7 and she refuses to speak to me about it at all because she was certain I would "grow out of it". And the Wizard of Oz has been something I've been into forever, especially lately since I've been getting into the rest of the books. But Disney is "acceptable" and she can tell her friends she got her adult daughter Disney things without being embarassed about it.

I'm not really that frustrated because I know she's trying but for my first Christmas out of her house she bought me NBC ornaments and a blanket and recently she sent me a random bracelet that she found for a dollar online. And anytime she finds a coupon for something related to it she sends it to me and it's like I was never really a huge fan of it, I just enjoy it. But it would mean more to me if she tried to remember even one other thing that I was into instead of clinging to one brand.

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You're always free to cut in

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what a mood, hope you don't mind me butting in here too

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My dad was always like this with me, even when I was kid. He almost never approved of my interests, and when he did, he didn't like the way I was interested in them. I've got that ADHD/autism special interest intensity that he doesn't like.

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I was gonna say "man I really hope I have a better relationship with my mother by then in hopes I wont still feel this way about her" but my sister just turned 32 and she has this exact relationship with my mother still. So how much hope is there really.

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"I have a violent one dimensional idea of you as a person and 50% of it is wrong"

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Oh big ass mood. My mom did that to me all my childhood and its a wonder I talk with her as much as I do when one of the biggest messages I got consistently when I was growing up was "I have a violent one dimensional idea of you as a person and 50% of it is wrong". I'd try to tell her about things I liked and was into and why I liked them and was into them and I swear to god, sometimes it felt like I was talking to a brick wall praying some of the words I was saying would stick in her ears.

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