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Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well 📷
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landlady hired some guy off craigslist to come paint our living room, and she was supposed to meet him here and pay him the $50 to paint. And he showed up like 2 hours ago and she just told him and me that "she's working on another house and she'll be here soon" but the thing is, she's literally told me that any time she's late or doesn't show up. I'm gonna be pissed if she just plans on ripping him off and using my house to do it. Fucking. And now he wants to hang around until she brings him the money, which I totally understand but at the same time, now I've gotta deal with it. Thankfully he's super polite and not mad at me, but what if he wasn't? Was she just totally fine leaving me here alone with some random aggressive guy who's pissed because he's not getting paid??

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She did end up showing up but he was here for almost 3 hours before she got here and she's mad that he didn't do enough but I told him that idc what it looks like, and that he should just do what he feels is $50 worth of work and I told them that he had been painting the whole time and I was happy with it because I was and I'm tired of having painters in the house.

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