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Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well 📷
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my job is going to be starting soon so i'm trying to cut off all association from my shop and instagram with tumblr, twitter, and here becuase i don't want to get in trouble for anything related to social media.

i don't really post anything bad here, but i think if i had a bad day this is where i would most likely vent, and my tumblr isn't really bad either but i don't want any association with that and my job anyhow. my instagram is the most public but i also really don't post anything personal there other than photography.

either way it's not like i'm going to be tagging them in posts and being like "i work here lmaooo" but just trying to get everything covered because their training thing pretty mentioned specifically you can be fired for your social media. like you're allowed to share photos of the park but they get to see where those photos are shared basically (but who actually tags their job in photos???)

idk it's probably me being over worried but still

naiad -


that's actually a really good point tbh. I think I'll probably go back to promoting my other social media on all my platforms but I might wait until I start working and see if there's any gossip floating around about anyone actually losing their job due to social media. I feel like they may have just included it for anyone dumb enough to make a post like "at work @job" on an account with photos like promoting violence or something. Or since we're not allowed to use our phones on the job they probably don't want you posting photos while wearing your uniform or something.

i think the only difference is that even if i don't mention my job by name, with it being an amusement park there are probably certain rides/attractions that would only be found there that would make it a little more obvious

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Yeah, this is very specifically why I never mention where I work. Sure, it'd be obscure if they found me and my opinions, but it could happen. Hard for them to argue that my opinions harmed the company if I never post what company I'm taking about. It's always good to be cautious, but I wouldn't keep people from your photography and stop promoting yourself. Don't shoot yourself in the foot just because they mentioned they had a gun they use on occasion and there's a slim chance they might shoot you.

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