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Kayla | 28 | bisexual | nonbinary

Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well 📷
everything in my photography tags belongs to me
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I also reblog things I'm interested in and love seeing and sharing any kind of art on here 🖤

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An Anonymous user asked:

Fun fact about my dog: he smells like cornchips a lot so my nickname for him used to be ‘Stinky’ but at some point I kept adding extra nonsense words that rhyme so his current nickname is “Stinkle Winkle the Dinkle Binkle.” Just thought you should know ^w^

That is amazing and I love people with silly nicknames for their pets! I call my cat basketball boy sometimes because he's orange and he used to be kinda fat and had a round little belly ♥

Give your precious stinky boy so many snuggles for me 😊

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