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so my aunt that found out she had cancer back in March is already on her last days :'(

They found out through testing it was incurable lung cancer that was spreading very rapidly (she doesn't even smoke). Then yesterday they found out her body isn't digesting food at all and they can't figure out why. My dad is going to fly out there this weekend and face-time with me if she's still lucid.

She just retired and moved to florida a little over a year ago and was finally living with her best friend and having a blast and then just out of nowhere all this happens.

If you have long-term goals, try to do whatever you can to achieve them, friends. You never know what life is going to throw at you. And there are always reasons for putting things off but if you can even take small steps to reach your goals try to do it. Don't waste your life to retire from a company that just sees you as an employee and not a person only to have a year of freedom

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,='( the best of sympathies to you&your family

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