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sad family stuff. health problems mentioned but not that health problem

my aunt is one of the coolest and nicest people i know and she literally only retired last year and moved to florida to live life and be happy and she went to the hospital for a weird growth a couple weeks ago. today they found out she has out of control lung cancer and the growth is just from that spreading but she's too weak to handle treatment because it just hit her full force all at once. so they're basically just gonna keep her comfortable and try their best to keep her from being in siginficant pain, but she can't really get calls either because she's almost never awake.

it's so fucked up. she never got married or dated anyone and a lot of us suspected she was probably gay and kept it secret because of the family and she moved to florida and moved in with a "friend" and was so happy and she deserves to continue being happy she doesn't deserve to die from cancer when she finally started her best life and she's already accepted it but what the hell. she's one of my favorite people :(

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kia kaha to you and your aunt. :c i hope the time she has left and can be aware of is the best. aroha nui 💖💖💖

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