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Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well 📷
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I also reblog things I'm interested in and love seeing and sharing any kind of art on here 🖤

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I have a horrible habit of mass downloading songs because I like one or two things from someone and then ending up with a ton of content on my ipod that I don't even like but it triggered some kind of special interest thing so I had to have everything by them and I'm doing another mass delete of my music folder, but it's so refreshing to get rid of 1-200 songs and just know that the stuff that's left is really important feeling

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I'm also deleting a ton of songs that talk about anxiety and depression because while they're relatable I don't think it really helps me to listen to songs about other people talking about how shitty life is and I think it just kinda makes me feel a little worse.

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