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anybody else just wish they were a shapeshifter

i wouldn't even change myself that much i just want to be perfectly androgynous

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 

it would be wild if people did their jobs like they do in asmr roleplays like i would lose my shit if i went to get my ears pierced and they just started whispering and tapping all over the ear piercing gun lmao

I thiiiink we're leaning towards just moving to California in the spring but I'm still not totally sure on the when or the exact how and honeslty I just want to get it done and out of the way so I can stop stressing about the future packing and relocating with 8 different animals. I also have a lot of craft and photography projects I want to do but I don't want to start anything big until after we move because that's ideally going to be a semi-permanent home for us for a good while 

I just hate moving stress specifically and I want to get into the comfort of knowing I'll be staying somewhere longterm. I haven't had that kind of comfort in a looooong time since we wander so much

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have i posted this on here yet? i don't think so.

eowyn take #1

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Me: :(

Mario: Wahoo!

Me: :)


Jack Skellington

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Can confirm, Megan makes a real good pillow.

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the power has been out for over an hour and there's no signs of anyone working on the lines send help

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the power has finally come back on :)

the power has been out for over an hour and there's no signs of anyone working on the lines send help

are you kidding me it's already 8 days into december what the hell

i love roald dahl movies so much

I love my grandma to death but she's got very strict ideas of gender roles and every time I see her she'll go on these rants about how my dad's family used to "dress me like a boy" and I've tried to explain that I wanted to wear boy clothes and they would just let me pick out what I wanted to wear and I hated the girly clothes my mom would put me in. But she's always like "you were only like 7, this is when you were too young to pick your own stuff they just forced it on you" which at this point she just has her own ideas of it all but 7 is absolutely old enough to pick your own clothes and know you don't want to wear a specific type. (I can still look back at old school photos and remember how much I hated the outfits I was put into)

And this last time we were out there she kept talking about her new hair care and how it makes her hair not frizzy anymore and I was all happy for her but she was suggesting to try it and I was like "well it won't help me much" *gestures to shaved head* and she was seriously shocked that I had my hair cut for reasons other than 'it just gets frizzy sometimes'. Like I told her that I just hate feeling it touch my neck and shoulders and she really couldn't believe that it was short on purpose and not just from the shame of how poofy and frizzy it got ugghhhhhh

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Sunrise 12/5

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Star Rice, 2019

As promised, one digital skitters. And now ya'll know that the inside of his mouth is white.

Bonus on a dark background: