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Photography is my hobby and my passion. Mostly digital or phone photos, though I'm starting to break into film as well 📷
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Hey three different people I follow on tumblr have gotten carpel tunnel since the lockdown so if you're gonna be drawing to pass the time in quarantine PLEASE do stretches and take breaks,,, look after yourselves I love y'all

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The same thing with typing for long periods of time! Writers please also remember to stretch and take breaks! And everyone should drink some water.

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Muk Colour Palette Challenge

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have a wizard in these trying times

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Just a heads up, amazon and instacart are striking today. Don't cross the picketline

flowerfemme asked:

13. What do you listen to while working on something? What helps you concentrate

13. What do you listen to while working on something? What helps you concentrate
if i actually have to concentrate i can't listen to anything because my brain will always focus on the music rather than whatever task i'm trying to acomplish, but if i'm just doing a casual hobby or playing games with music in the background i'll just play something like a CHVRCHES album, or older Grimes music

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As promised! They aren't all that complicated but I think they're pretty enough B')

btw!! if anyone wants to visit my code is SW-0502-6562-0240

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My good boi and his little sharky friends!! Don't have a name for the big Octopus yet, but I'm really proud of how this polished up.

Galaxy Croc is super protective of his Sun and Stars. The centre of his universe that never stops shining for him.

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WAIT I completly forgot to post a PokeFusion I did last august I think? So here is a fusion between Victreebel and Beedrill :)

Grimer Colour Palette Challenge

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luv seein my own post back on my dash

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American manatee
Trichechus manatus

C Reid and Jimp P of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, public domain

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tiny boat

oil on canvas

3.5 x 2.5 inches

(fun fact: that boat is 3mm tall)

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quarantines over, absolutely nothing can top this

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i may in fact be drawing a moth plague doctor

coffee -

- has a microscope in their medical bag

- the feelers are to catch particulate and study it later

- every good doctor has a pokey stick and this one as a weird caterpillar esque skull and spine design on the handle

- the mouth parts open up to refresh medicinal herbs without exposing the face

- ngl i feel like i couldve made the eyes larger

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tiny apple, tiny pumpkin!

neither of these are taller than 1/2 an inch so you can imagine how many close calls I had when it came to my fingers getting in the way of the needle lol

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Music ask meme

babushka -
  1. First ever favorite song/band/genre?

  2. Current fav song/band/genre?

  3. What headphones do you prefer?

  4. If you were to pick a song that describes you, what could it be?

  5. If the only way to save the world was to recite a song lyrics from memory without any mistake, which song would you choose?

  6. One of fav/special music videos?

  7. If you could put one of the songs in your playlist for the whole world to hear, what would it be?

  8. Is there a song you love that everyone else hates? What is it?

  9. Is there a song that's stuck in your head right now? What is it?

  10. A particular song you like to sing maybe?

  11. What's the last concert you were on? How was it?

  12. Is there a certain song that other people never suspected you would like?

  13. What do you listen to while working on something? What helps you concentrate?

  14. Do you visualise stories in your head while listening to particular songs? Tell me one of them!

  15. Was there a song you put on your ringtone/alarm? Did you hate it afterwards?

jj found a switch emulator and acnh and i'm heavily debating playing it just to hold me over until i can get my switch back and a physical or digital copy but i also don't know because i'll have to restart everything and i definitely want to play it online with people so i'm for sure gonna buy the real version but i could really use such a fun and happy game to relax me right now.

got some film i'm about to finish up and get developed in a couple months hopefully. it'll be my first film not with a disposable camera and i'm so excited to see how it turns out. it's been my drive to keep positive lately