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cherry coke is the beverage calling card of the bisexuals

Tbh I probably need to take a break from social media but idk what else to do

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Fromia hemiopla

© Vardhan Patankar, CC 4.0

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Yuki Yuna is a Hero

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10 of Cups & XIV – Temperance | The Tarot of Pagan Cats | 🖼: Lola Airaghi & Magdelina Messina

Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo

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I've gotten more followers lately so I'm gonna put my other blogs under the cut in case anyone wants to check them out! 

@thrift (blog for thrift shop finds. All photos taken by me)
@playhouse (comfort/nostalgia blog. Ocasional reblogs but a lot of my photography as well)
@anime-snacks (screenshots of anime food taken by me)
@photography (my best photography from this blog and my other two where I post photography)

instagram: creek_faun

On both @thrift and @playhouse I post a lot of OC stuff that won't get reblogged to my other blogs, but I do sometimes share content between my blogs (always reblogs never reposting). @photography is the best one to follow if you don't want to see all the content and just the things I think are the best. 

Almost all the photography I post here gets posted to my instagram first 

My sideblogs are mostly just for my own storage purposes and because I like to categorize things. Please don't feel obligated to follow or even look at the blogs. I just like to put this out there every 20-30 new followers or so in case anyone is interested

my spikey sons!! 

they're growing so well!! pretty sure they're about 7 months old now, as I believe I started their seeds back in mid-february!

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Thank you so much @demoncat13 !! With your help I've nearly raised $500!!

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An Anonymous user asked:

If you're still doing the playlists for a name thing, could I get one for the name Safe ? (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey

Addicted - Simple Plan

Flesh Without Blood - Grimes

Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack

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u ever just.......  hmm. regret

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Heres a piece that I made for someone as a commission, their little kitty Zuri done in the geometric style!

lime asked:

does it have to be irl name for the name thing? could there be an exception for a citrus?

Yeah, it can be anything as long as it's not super long. I assume the citrus is Lime? 

Life in the Vivid Dream - Grimes

It's All About You - McFly

Mama - Clean Bandit

Extraordinary - Liz Phair 


Send me an ask with your name and I’ll give you a short playlist with songs that correspond to each letter!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

maltball asked:

may i pleas have a song thingy /w the name wren? :>

We Appreciate Power - Grimes

Recover - Chvrches

Everywhere - Yellowcard

Nine in the Afternoon - Panic! At the Disco

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📷: saagai

Sometime after the car is fixed (radiator problems) we can go to this huge antique mall by where we used to live and I'm so happy! I almost never even buy anything but there are so many unique and cute things and I like to use it to take pics for instagram and now my thrift blog as well. 

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Note: this picture was taken at The Wild Animal Sanctuary and the tiger was being kept in a separate area to get healthy before being moved to one of the large enclosures where they can free roam with other tigers. I don't want anyone to think this is an abusive situation, it was just an animal saved from an abusive situation and is currently recovering c:

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aes @ waterfall • aominedaiki @ instagram • caroleandtuesday @ tumblr

may 2019 ✨ new york public library

📷: fujifilm x30

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Anyways I love feminine mlm 

You are not at all to blame for the stereotypes straight people perpetuate 💗

Your expression is sincere and valued

fungus asked:

ooo i want a playlist based on my name! miles or fungus, take your pick (or do both if youre feeling zesty) thank you!

My Pug - Nicole Dollanganger

Inside Out - Eve 6

Lay Me Down - Dirty Heads

E.V.O.L. - Marina & the Diamonds

Sober Up - AJR


Fallin' - Alicia Keys

Using You - Mars Argo

National Anthem - Lana Del Rey

Giants - Bear Hands

Ugly Boy - Die Antwoord

Sweet Disaster - Dreamers


Send me an ask with your name and I’ll give you a short playlist with songs that correspond to each letter!